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Review: Flower Of Evil

THE SHORT VERDICT: If you don't mind a heavy emotional emphasis in your mystery thrillers, this show might work for you. Show serves up...

Review: Hospital Playlist

THE SHORT VERDICT: Warm, wholesome goodness dressed in hospital garb, Hospital Playlist is the medical themed drama that even the medical drama-averse can easily...

Alice: Episode 4

As our professor becomes increasingly curious about the mysterious card, our hero no longer wants her involved. While investigating a case, he comes across...

The Music, Movies, Books and Poems of When My Love Blooms – Korean Dramaland

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Drama viewership ratings for the week of Sep. 7-13, 2020

After some of our shows wrapped up, the weekly schedule really thinned out. Perhaps it's feeling empty because music drama Do Do Sol Sol...

Guest Review: Greasy Melo [An Alternative Lens]

You guys might remember that I ended up dropping Greasy Melo (despite my love for Jang Hyuk), back when it first aired (Dropped post...

Saturday Summary #52 – Korean Dramaland

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Review: A Couple’s World [World Of The Married]

THE SHORT VERDICT: Betrayal, revenge and dysfunction are the key words that this show seems to be live by; all the characters in this...