Our TOP 3 Core Business Competencies in 2023


Bizsquare TOP 3 Core Business Competencies in 2023

Bizsquare Management Consultants is a Singapore One-stop Business Consultancy Company set up in 2013, specializes in 3 areas of expertise:

1. Business Loan Financing – We’ve helped over 2000+ SME Business Owners to obtain any business financing they desire.

We advise SMEs about what are the best way to obtain the highest amount of Working Capital Loan Singapore with the highest approval rate.We help Business Owners structure a suitable trade line for them based on their trade cycle needs.We help them obtain Property Financing with the highest loan-to-value (LTV) ratio and the lowest rate, making our customers hassle-free from start to end.

2. Branding & Marketing Services – Many clients are seeking for avenues to get more sales and scale their business. We are here to help them in terms of building their brand awareness, generating more sales, creating a delicate marketing strategy, and eventually helping them grow their business.

3. Corporate Secretarial & Accounting services – We help our busy clients tidy up all their invoices and monthly transaction and also do the annual tax filing and annual returns filing for them. This is an area that is often overlooked by many busy entrepreneurs.

In Bizsquare, we cover a wide spectrum of services to give our clients a One-stop Quality Service where they just need to look for us and we help them cover all finance and marketing aspects of the work so they can focus on their operations side of work.

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BizSquare  is a one-stop business consultancy firm providing Loan Consultancy Services, Accounting and Corporate Secretarial Services, Branding and Marketing Consultancy, Strategy Management and Start-up Mentorship. 

For more info, please visit Bizsquare Group at  www.bizsquare.com.sg 

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