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The Tyranny of Khaki – Book Riot – The Podcast

Jeff and Rebecca discuss rumors of PRH trying to buy Simon & Schuster, a bankrupt printer causing havoc in publishing, more cringe-inducing Dan Brown…stuff,...

Historical Fiction, Jennifer Crusie, & More

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books Continue at source:

Book Nerd Movie Club: The Princess Bride – Book Riot – The Podcast

Jeff and Rebecca talk about the book and the movie versions of The Princess Bride. Continue at source:

The Best New Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels

Check out The Best New Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels for September 2020 Continue at source:

6 of the Best Memoirs on Audio

Tune into these six excellent memoirs on audiobook and treat your ears well. Continue at source:

Tips for Balancing Remote Working and Full-Time Parenting

Remote working while also caring for kids at home proves to be a major struggle without careful planning where needed and flexibility when possible. ...


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Reader Question – The book about the rock star that wants more than just a one night stand…

Shadowgirl007 is looking for this one! Er… this question is very short and sweet. LOL! Not much detail, and in the end, it could...