Bizsquare’s Digital Marketing Internship Experience


An Intern’s Perspective on working at Bizsquare Management Consultants Pte Ltd

I’m Jayce, a Year 3 Marketing undergraduate at the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

I did not have a chance to Work-from-Home, but I regret nothing.

Physical interactions with my colleagues were something I always valued, and it makes learning, discussions, and meetings much more productive, efficient, and engaging compared to virtual meetings. Naturally, I was elated when I heard that I would be required to report to the physical office on a daily basis.

During my 6 months stint here at Bizsquare Management Consultants, I was always seen as a valued member of my team, and I was given heavy responsibilities not typically expected of an intern. From doing marketing collateral designs, copywriting for blogs, press releases, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and video production to communicating with clients, writing Marketing & Branding reports, and even collaborating with influencers, I have learned immensely in this short span of time, and I am truly grateful for all the knowledge and experience I have gained along the way – industry knowledge and real-world experience I could not possibly learn in school alone.

I am also extremely appreciative of the trust and autonomy that was given to me by my superiors throughout my internship. There was open communication at all times, and I had absolutely no qualms about clearing any doubts with my superiors or colleagues – something I always valued. I was entitled to my own opinions and was able to speak my mind freely on what could have been done better. At the same time, I was also open to any constructive criticisms and feedback given to me by my colleagues and I genuinely appreciated their honesty as I was able to exactly pinpoint and understand the areas I am lacking and thus, improve from there.

Bizsquare has allowed me to experience first-hand how SMEs operate in general and also further exposed me to the Consulting, Finance, and Digital Marketing industries.

To sum it all up, the skills, lessons, and friendships I’ve acquired and made here will be something I will always carry with me throughout my future career. I definitely had a pleasant and meaningful internship experience, and I would highly recommend it to any aspiring Digital Marketing student!

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